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Corporate Strategy

  • We found a niche in this world
    that only Yamauchi could fill.

Maximizing expertise to gain global market share.Yamauchi’s corporate strategy is "Niche & Global."

Precision molded resin part for a hard disk drive.

When you see the lineup of Yamauchi products, you may be surprised by its wide variation. Yamauchi offers everything from resin parts for hard disk drives as small as 2 mm in diameter, to papermaking rolls up to 11 m in length. All of our products offer advanced functions that were made possible by Yamauchi’s unparalleled expertise. At Yamauchi, there is no “standard” product. Using original technologies, Yamauchi produces products that provide the specific performance and functions required by each customer. Yamauchi’s expertise has been highly evaluated by leading manufacturers in various fields since the company was founded. Yamauchi develops and supplies products that are offered by no other company in the world. Our corporate strategy says it all: Niche & Global.

The fact that our products have been used in various products in Japan and around the world gives testimony to Yamauchi’s expertise and superior technologies.

Pinch rollers for video cassette recorders and other products.

The Niche & Global strategy is based on our many past successes. One of these was the pinch roller* for video cassette recorders. Offering high quality and high performance thanks to original Yamauchi technologies, this part achieved a worldwide market share of more than 90% in the 1980s. For the paper manufacturing industry, we provide urethane rolls. In 1963, Yamauchi made a papermaking press roll (High Top Roll) from polyurethane for the first time in the world. This made “Yamauchi — The technology-oriented company” known worldwide. Since then, Yamauchi has continuously progressed based on the Niche & Global strategy.
Today, the company provides a stream of products with huge potential for future growth, such as vibration insulation rubber for disk drives, torque limiters for copy machines and banknote verification systems, and high-performance cushioning (YOM, Top Board) for press use.

*Rubber pinch rollers press video tape against a capstan in a tape recorder to ensure smooth,constant-speed tape transport.

Yamauchi’s advanced technologies and speedy development capabilities provide customer solutions.

Production of papermaking rolls.
Production of papermaking rolls.

Product development is a race against time. We have to present prototypes to our customers as soon as possible. We also need to conduct R&D activities to improve product performance and quality in the shortest possible time. Yamauchi conducts various types of R&D in response to diverse customer needs in order to achieve the best results. For example, when we develop parts for a product that must be introduced to market at the most opportune time, such as a disk drive and audio/visual equipment, we use a unique system that we called YQR (Yamauchi Quick Response). For a rubber product to isolate vibration, we can complete a series of processes ranging from computer simulation of the product characteristics to production of molds and delivery of prototypes in only three days. This helps to reduce the customer’s R&D turnaround time. For the paper manufacturing industry and others that require various parameter settings for improving product performance and reliability, we invest ample personnel and time to develop products that far exceed the performance of previous products.

Corporate Profile

  • For nearly a century since its foundation in 1918, Yamauchi has been contributing to society as a company that specializes in the manufacture of industrial rubber and plastic products. Today, Yamauchi supplies high-quality industrial parts to manufacturers of various products in diverse fields, such as audio and visual products, copy machines, printers, disk drives, papermaking machines and textile machines. In recent years, the company has begun developing a number of products that may well become global standards. To respond to a wide range of needs of manufacturers around the world, Yamauchi conducts dynamic business activities in collaboration with other Yamauchi Group Companies.

Corporate Profile

Name Yamauchi Corporation
Representative Ichiro Yamauchi, CEO and President
Foundation April 1918
Incorporation March 1948
Head office address 2-7, Shodai-tajika, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
TEL: 072-856-1130 FAX: 072-868-3310
Capital ¥310,000,000
Number of employees On a non-consolidated base: 396 persons (including 57 part-timers)
On a consolidated base: 2,150 persons

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Corporate History

  • Yamauchi has built and fostered technologies,customer confidence, and a global network since 1918.

    The history of Yamauchi can be divided roughly into five phases. The first was the “inception period” in which Yamauchi expanded its business in Osaka Prefecture by acquiring companies in the western part of Japan. In the second phase, the “technological development period,” the company focused on developing original products based on composition technology and the development of precision processing technologies that would enhance product functions. In the third phase, the “domestic base expansion period,” the company built factories one after another in Japan to expand its customer-oriented sales network. Yamauchi then established overseas subsidiaries and factories with the aim of achieving global business growth in the fourth phase, the “overseas business expansion period.” In the fifth phase, the “period of challenging global standards,” Yamauchi set out to achieve compliance with ISO, REACH, CSR and other major standards, mainly in China, the ASEAN nations and the European Union. The following milestone events mark each of those periods.

Corporate History

CSR Activities

  • To serve as a partner to the world’s leading manufacturers, 
    we are committed to environmental and CSR activities.

CSR Activities

Yamauchi has established a “CSR Policy,” which serves as a guideline for the employees of Yamauchi and its group companies to take full responsibility, proceed with proactive and voluntary actions toward fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

We establish “Code of Conduct” from “CSR Policy” and operate it based on “Ethics and Compliance Regulations”. Furthermore, we raise employee awareness of CSR thoroughly by periodically conducting public education, self-audits, etc. We aim to be a trustworthy company that can meet the expectations of customers.

Responsible procurement of minerals

Some of the minerals produced by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries have become international issue, as they are funding the armed groups.
Yamauchi Group has established the policies to prohibit the use of conflict minerals.

CSR Policy, Ethics and Compliance Regulations, Code of Conduct

Responsible procurement of minerals

Some of the minerals produced by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries have become international issue, as they are funding the armed groups.
Yamauchi Group has established the policies to prohibit the use of conflict minerals.

Environmental / Quality Policy

  • To serve as a partner to the world’s leading manufacturers,
    we are committed to environmental and CSR activities.

Environmentally Friendly Production Activities

In recognition of our ability to contribute to environmentally friendly production activities, Yamauchi has been certified as a “green partner” by many customers.
We manufacture products in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation in order to continue our environmentally conscious business activities.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Yamauchi Group aims to realize a sustainable society, in which global environment is being conserved and people can have healthy and happy life in the future era. As an important issue in management, we carry out continuous improvement activities actively through business activities.。

Environmental Policies

  • 1. We clarify environment target and review environment preservation activities regularly so as to improve environment management.
  • 2. We evaluate environment impact which comes along by the development, design and production of products and promote environment load reduction activities actively.
  • 3. We work continuously on the emissions of global warming gases, the quantity of waste and the reduction of hazardous chemical. substances.
  • 4. We comply with laws, regulations and other requirements related to environment along with the harmonization with local residents.

Quality Policy

Yamauchi Group supplies high-performance, high quality and original products which can satisfy every customer’ s needs to the whole world. We realize them through ingenuity of all members and divisions cooperation of organizational vitality, and continuous improvement to contribute to society through our customers.