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Durable belts that ensure stable transmission of drive torque.

Drive Belts

These drive belts are used to operate the disc tray loading/unloading mechanism in DVD/BD optical disc drives and for transmitting drive power in audio equipment.

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  • High Reliability Achieved by Accumulating Production Know-How for 40 Years.

    Because of their quiet, smooth operation, rubber belts are widely used to operate the disc tray loading/unloading mechanism in DVD and BD (Blu-ray Disc) optical disc drives and to transmit drive power in audio equipment. Yamauchi has supplied rubber belts for VCRs and audio products to almost all audio/visual equipment manufacturers in Japan. Drawing on this experience, we produce 10 to 15 million high-quality drive belts per month, and supply them to PC and AV equipment manufacturers around the world.


Original Products Optimally Designed Using the Most Suitable Material Selected from  Diverse Rubber Materials.

Drive belts have to provide not only basic performance such as quiet, smooth operation but also high durability with minimum change in tension or drive torque over time. Yamauchi supplies products that are optimally designed using the most suitable material selected from diverse rubber materials to match each customer’s usage conditions. By maximizing original ultra-precise processing technology, Yamauchi produces products under strict quality control. Our drive belts are supplied to manufacturers worldwide.
  • Yamauchi also has extensive know-how in the manufacture of belts for halogen-free products, such as optical disc drives (ODD) for personal computers. Please contact us for details.

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