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Preventing foreign matter from entering the imaging area.

Dustproof Rubber

Sealing Rubber   Shielding Rubberg

Dustproof rubber, which prevents foreign matter from adhering to the image sensor of a digital still camera or video camera, is produced in a clean environment.

Dustproof Rubber Photo
  • High-Quality Dustproof Shield Components Are Produced in a Clean Environment.

    When fine foreign particles adhere to the CCD or CMOS image sensor of a digital still camera or video camera, the recording quality drops. This is why dustproof rubber components (sealing rubber, shielding rubber), despite their small size, play such an important role in improving image quality by preventing the entry of foreign particles. Yamauchi uses designs based on high-quality antistatic materials and advanced analytical simulation to provide your products with optimal dustproof rubber components.


Quality control on production lines specialized in cleanliness for dustproof performance.

A clean environment is vital for the production of dustproof rubber. Yamauchi ensures its dustproof rubber is produced at the highest level of cleanliness in a quality controlled environment during all processes from rubber mixing to visual inspection.
Clean environment
A clean room in Osadano Factory
A clean room in Osadano Factory

With a wide range of variations (Hardness Shore-A 25-65℃), it is ideal for any camera specification.

Yamauchi offers high-quality materials that combine the heat resistance, weather resistance, and longevity required for dustproof rubber in a wide range of hardness variations.
Extensive hardbess variation
Stable material properties


Proposal of the optimal shape by shape simulation

Yamauchi can propose the optimal shape corresponding to the needs of each product by predicting the repulsive force and the sealing of dustproof rubber using analytic technology specialized for a non-linear model.
When there is a possibility that the part will be in contact with a counterpart component
Current shape
Down arrow
We propose a shape that reduces the repulsive force by half without changing the displacement amount.
Proposed shape
FEM analysis result

Implementation of fully automated visual inspection system

Yamauchi implemented automated visual inspection system with 2D, 3D camera to assure the superior quality of dust proof rubber parts for single or stereo type camera used for ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) and operating picking, carrying, and packaging process by robot autonomously.
FEM analyses result
Inspection image

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