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Disc Drives

Stable optical disc loading and unloading.

Tapered Rollers

These tapered rollers ensure smooth and clean disc loading in DVD players, CD players, video game machines, etc.

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  • Stable Transport Operation Without Contaminating the Disc.

    The slot-loading disc drive system is used in many DVD players and CD players because it allows quick and easy disc loading and unloading. However, if the tapered roller is low in quality, problems can occur, such as slow drive operation after repeated use and disc loading failures. Yamauchi tapered rollers ensure stable transport for a long time. Our products are known for their high reliability.


Quiet, Stable Transport Across a Wide Temperature Range.

Yamauchi manufactures high-precision tapered rollers using advanced mold design technology and production control technology. Our tapered rollers not only provide stable transport performance but also operate very quietly under wide temperature range. Their “clean design” does not contaminate discs. Yamauchi tapered rollers can be used safely in virtually any product.
Tapered Rollers

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