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Disc Drives

Better vibration isolation for disc drives.

Vibration Isolation Rubber

Dampers  Insulators

This vibration isolation rubber effectively prevents the transmission of vibrations to optical disc drives. It reduces data errors and sound skipping.

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  • Careful Material Selection for Optimal Control of Vibrations Over a Wide Frequency Range.

    Optical disc drives mounted in computers, DVD/CD players, video game machines, etc., read delicate signals. Therefore, external vibration and impact can sometimes cause problems such as data errors or sound skipping. Yamauchi designs high-performance vibration isolation rubber components (dampers, insulators) by utilizing a wide range of materials, a proven vibration isolation theory and the most advanced analytical simulation. We provide full support to customer manufacturing and inspection activities in order to help customers produce high-quality products.


Tuning in 5-Degree Steps for Versatile Hardness Control.

By controlling the hardness of the rubber materials, vibration-resistant dampers and insulators can effectively suppress vibration. Yamauchi sets the hardness in fine 5-degree steps across a wide hardness range of 3 to 60 (A). When selecting materials, the resonance point can also be freely controlled, so even after the component shape has been decided and the mold has been produced, tuning is still applicable to approach the ideal characteristics.

Dynamic Viscoelasticity (tan δ) Grading Across the Wide Range of 0.1 to 0.8.

To respond to the need for suppression of vibrations in a broad frequency spectrum, Yamauchi uses materials graded in a wide range of dynamic viscosity (tan δ) from 0.1 to 0.8. Our vibration isolation rubber suppresses vibration magnification effectively across a wide frequency range.
  • Thermoset rubber has excellent compression strain characteristics for high reliability.
  • Excellent weather resistance ensures no ozone cracks under conditions of 40°C/50 pphm x 72 hours.
  • Environmentally friendly: RoHS Directive compliant.
  • Thermoset rubber enables complicated shapes.

Yamauchi Offers Various Kinds of Vibration Isolation Rubber for Products Other than Disc Drives.

Drawing on its extensive material know-how and a proven vibration isolation theory, Yamauchi manufactures various types of vibration isolation rubber. If you have any special needs pertaining to vibration isolation rubber, please consult us.

Parts for fan motors
Parts for copy machines


Yamauchi Takes Two Different Approaches to Achieve Superb Vibration Isolation Performance.

Shifting the Resonance Point

Resonance in a specific frequency range can be suppressed by adjusting the rubber hardness. For example, the resonance point can be lowered by decreasing the rubber hardness, as shown in the graph #1. We can set the hardness accurately in five steps in a wide hardness range of 3 to 60 (A). Yamauchi has the know-how to flexibly adjust the resonance point.

Graph #1 Shifting the Resonance Point
Graph #1
Shifting the Resonance Point

Resonance can be suppressed by varying the dynamic viscosity of the rubber. The graph #2 shows an example of reducing resonance magnification achieved by using a material with a high-tanδ (large loss coefficient, reduced reactive force). Yamauchi uses materials graded in a wide range of dynamic viscosity (tan δ) from 0.1 to 0.8 in order to meet the full spectrum of customer needs.

Graph #2 Shifting the Resonance Point
Graph #2

The video #1 shows how vibration isolation rubber suppresses vibration.
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Video #1

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