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Contribution to improving the reliability of ultrasonic examination.


We developed a higher sensitivity acoustic lens rubber with rubber material suitable for the human body using a production system with high accuracy and cleanliness. This contributes to the improvement of the reliability of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment.

  • High sensitivity probe that greatly enhances the reliability of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment.

    Probes play the role of sensors in ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and have a direct influence on the sensitivity of sound waves and the performance of the entire equipment. Yamauchi not only enhances reliability with its unique high precision product manufacturing, but also has a high reputation as a manufacturer that improves production efficiency and responds to customer requests at all levels such as delivery time and cost.

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Thorough pursuit of high precision in thickness, R accuracy, etc., by probes.

Medical devices that require extremely high reliability is an area which can make full use of Yamauchi’s high-precision manufacturing. Yamauchi produces high-quality probes with technological capabilities that can respond finely to each customer’s needs, such as in high dimensional accuracy, including thickness and R precision, as well as in the user's sense part.

High supply capability and cost reduction due to mass production.

At Yamauchi, high precision probes normally manufactured in one-cavity molds can be mass-produced with multiple cavity molds. By applying find adjustment during molding, it is possible to achieve high precision even during mass production. As a result, we can produce quality products as well as meet customer expectations in multiple areas such as in delivery time and cost.

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