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Multifunctions / Printers

High performance achieved with ionic-conductive material.

Transfer Rollers

These high-grade transfer rollers are ideal for high-speed, high-image-quality copy machines and printers.

Transfer Rollers
  • Stable and High Image Quality Ensured by the Excellent Voltage Dependency of Ionic Conduction.

    The operating speed and image quality of copy machines and printers are improving continuously. Such performance improvements require high-quality, high-performance transfer rollers. Yamauchi uses an ionic-conductive rubber material created with an original blending technology and supplies high-performance transfer rollers that answer the rigorous needs of high-end users.


Made of an Ionic-Conductive Rubber Developed Using Yamauchi’s Original Blending Technology.

Yamauchi transfer rollers are made of a rubber material developed using an original blending technology. They not only maintain sufficient nip width and improve transfer accuracy but also realize superb voltage dependency without resistance fluctuations caused by changes in the applied voltage, thanks to the ionic-conductive material.
In addition, the dependency on temperature and humidity is minimized. Yamauchi transfer rollers ensure stable image quality under virtually all environmental conditions.

Small Resistance Rise in Long-Term Use and Minimum Contamination of Photoconductors and Other Parts.

To achieve high durability, it is necessary to minimize changes in electrical characteristics (resistance) over long-term use, in addition to maintaining the physical properties of the material. Yamauchi conducts durability tests by actually applying bias voltage, in order to verify performance. Since the transfer roller contacts the photoconductor and intermediate transfer components when it is not transporting paper, Yamauchi selects a material that does not contaminate those parts. With a coating that prevents toner adhesion, Yamauchi transfer rollers offer clean performance.

Two Types of Material Available for Various Conditions and Applications.

Yamauchi offers two types of material to suit specific operating conditions and applications for transfer rollers.。

Our sponges are characterized by their small, uniform foam cells. They are widely used in the transfer rollers of black-and-white copy machines and printers as well as the primary and secondary transfer rollers of color copy machines and printers.

Solid + Coating

The coating layer provides a smooth, flat surface and a low friction coefficient. This material combination is used mainly in secondary transfer rollers.


Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.


*For certain roller shapes, we can respond to needs for characteristics outside the above ranges. Contact Yamauchi for details.

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