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Polyurethane roll has been developed originally by Yamauchi as the first in the world.

High Top Roll

Yamauchi provides highly reliable polyurethane rolls that have achieved high evaluation from customers all over the world since their introduction in 1963.

Polyurethane Rolls
  • The World’s First Polyurethane Roll Helped to Spread the Yamauchi Name.

    In 1963, Yamauchi successfully developed the polyurethane roll for papermaking equipment as the first in the world. Named High Top Roll. This revolutionary roll offers dramatically improved performance and durability, and made the name “Yamauchi” known throughout the world. Since then, we have been expanding our product line and developing various products to respond to the trend toward high-speed, large-scale and high-quality production.


Long-Life Design with Significantly Improved Abrasion Resistance and Pressure Resistance.

Thanks to polyurethane’s high resistance to abrasion, pressure and chemicals, High Top Roll has stable physical properties, such as shape and hardness, over a long period of time. The double-structure, with a polyurethane layer and a base layer, also improves the strength of adhesion to the shell. As a result, High Top Roll offers a long life unmatched by any other product. Used as a suction roll in the press part and as an applicator roll in the size part, High Top Roll offers high performance and excellent reliability that have achieved high evaluation in the world.

A Full Lineup of Products Made of Optimal Materials Selected According to Operating Conditions.

The advancement of paper manufacturing technologies is leading to high-speed, large-scale, high-quality paper production. We offer High Top series for use in the press section, Taflite and Quaty series for use in critical conditions and High Top SD Series for use in the film coater. All of these products offer high reliability backed by Yamauchi’s expertise, and they find wide application in the industry.
High Top Series
Material name Hardness Main applications
HT870 87 25 Suction roll
Applicator roll
Yankee touch roll
HT900 90 20 Suction roll
Applicator roll
Yankee touch roll
HT920 92 17 Suction roll
Applicator roll
Yankee touch roll
HT950 95 13 Grooved roll
Suction roll
Applicator roll
HT990 99 7 Grooved roll
Suction roll
High Top SD Series
Material name Hardness Main applications
HT820SD 82 35 Applicator roll
Smoother roll
HT840SD 84 30
HT870SD 87 25
HT900SD 90 20
HT920SD 92 17
HT950SD 95 13

*High Top S/SV Series are also available upon request from the customer.

Taflite / D74 Quaty
Material name Hardness Main applications
Taflite D74 shoreD74 Grooved roll
Quaty shoreD80

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