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Wrinkle reducing applications from wet part to dry part.

Spreader Rolls

Yamauchi provides a wide range of spreader rolls such as reinforced axle type or various rubber covering types.

Spreader  Rolls
  • Our Rolls Meet Larger-Scale, Higher-Speed Production Requirements.

    The spreader roll is used to remove wrinkles at various stages of the papermaking process, and it is an important roll that determines the quality of paper products. Yamauchi has developed a variety of high-performance spreader rolls that offer high durability to ensure stable operation without frequent maintenance. Our rolls also offer excellent energy-saving performance by requiring low torque in smooth startup. We offer a wide range of spreader rolls for use in large and high-speed papermaking machines, and they are highly evaluated by our customers.


Special Bearing Helps Optimum Operation under Bias, High-Speed Outer Ring Rotation.

The spreader roll removes wrinkles by passing paper outward from the center. By using a special YHB bearing, Yamauchi has further improved the performance and reliability of spreader rolls. In addition, by using a reinforced axle, Yamauchi has reduced flexure and vibration during operation, which significantly improves stability in high-speed rotation.

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For All Applications from Wet to Dry Part.

Yamauchi offers a diverse lineup of spreader rolls for various applications from wet to dry part, such as both-end steel type, steel rolls and free-bow rolls. Our Reinforced Axle Type Spreader Roll is manufactured based on a licensing agreement with Spencer Johnston Company in the United States. Our Spreader Roll-YHB (Yamauchi Hyper-Bearing) uses a special bearing developed jointly with a leading bearing manufacturer. These rolls and other Yamauchi spreader rolls are highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas.
  • We respond flexibly to requests for original designs. For example, we can propose an optimal external-resonance design.
  • We offer repair service not only for our products but also for other manufacturers’ rolls. Yamauchi’s extensive service system provides thorough backup for your manufacturing operation.
Dimensioned table of Yamauchi’s standard spreader roll
Roll diameter Specification of the surface
Rubber type (include both-end steel type) Steel type
φ150 (Min.)
φ380 (Max.)

*Above diameters are standard dimensions. Yamauchi can produce other dimensions between φ150 to φ380. Please ask us which dimensions you need.

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Yamauchi air shafts are ultra-lightweight carbon air shafts  with dramatically improved torque capability

Yamauchi introduced a revolutionary design concept into the air shafts used in winders and unwinders, and established a composition technology that achieves ultra-light weight. Yamauchi offers SL type as general, C type made of special reinforced rubber, and a lug type with improved durability.