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Printed Circuit Boards

High-performance, high-quality aprons used worldwide.

Aprons for Glass Fibers

These aprons are used for adhering binders (fiber bonding materials) to glass fibers in the glass fiber manufacturing process.

Aprons for Glass Fibers
  • High Performance and High Quality Acclaimed by a Manufacturer of Glass Fiber Around the Globe.

    Yamauchi rollers for glass fibers are used to manufacture all kinds of glass fibers for reinforcing products such as PCBs and plastic materials. Their excellent performance and stable quality have won them worldwide acclaim. Our aprons for glass fibers are used by most of the world’s clients.


High Quality and High Durability for Stable Binder Supply.

Glass fibers are used in various advanced applications. In order to produce high-quality products, the aprons for glass fibers must offer a high standard for both quality and durability to ensure a stable supply of binder to reduce maintenance frequency. Yamauchi has developed aprons that offer high abrasion resistance, excellent binder pick-up performance and superb surface properties. Our aprons are used by most major manufacturers, and have established a solid reputation in world markets.
Type Yarn type
S Fine count S
N Normal count N
R Low count R

*The above three types are available, depending on the kind of filament.

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