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High speed, high image quality, and excellent durability.

Charge Rollers

These highly reliable charge rollers offer stable electrical conductivity and provide high performance under any inner operating conditions.

Charge Rollers
  • Rubber Material and Coating Layer Provide High Performance Under All Environmental Conditions.

    The charge roller must maintain stable electrical conductivity without being affected by the environment in order to charge the photoconductor uniformly at all times. Yamauchi developed highly reliable charge rollers by using an original material whose electrical characteristics are controlled within certain ranges. Yamauchi charge rollers respond to the needs resulting from copy machines and printers that are becoming faster in operating speed and higher in image quality.


Reducing the Effects of the Inner Operating Environment to Improve Image Quality and Durability.

By combining a rubber material created with an original blending technology and a coating layer, Yamauchi controls the electrical characteristics within certain ranges, thus reducing the effects of environmental factors. They provide stable charging performance with a minimum rise in resistance value even in long-term operation. A coating layer with improved sliding and toner releasing characteristics also minimizes photoconductor contamination.
Charge Rollers


Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.

Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.

※For certain roller shapes, we can respond to needs for characteristics outside the above ranges. Contact Yamauchi for details.

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