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Superb wear resistance and precise drive performance.

Drive Rollers

Counter Rollers

These durable, long-life drive rollers have excellent gripping performance. Longer rollers are also available for wide-format (A0, A1 size, etc.) multifunction copy machines and printers.

Drive Rollers
  • Long-Life Design Retains High Gripping Performance for a Long Time.

    The drive roller is an essential component for operating the belts (transfer belt, intermediate transfer belt, photoconductor belt, etc.) in copy machines and printers. Due to the recent growth of the multifunction printer market, demand is increasing for smaller and lighter drive rollers, thus requiring advanced technologies in this product field. Yamauchi maximizes its original material development capability and unparalleled precision processing technology to offer high-durability drive rollers to meet all needs.


Original Blending Technology Achieves a Rubber Material with Improved Friction Coefficient and Abrasion Resistance.

Yamauchi uses a durable rubber material that has a high friction coefficient and offers minimum dimensional fluctuation in long-term use. By combining it with proprietary high-precision mold technology and precision processing technology, Yamauchi manufactures high-precision, highly reliable drive rollers. Featuring a Clean design, Yamauchi rollers do not scratch or contaminate belts. For use as a counter roller for a secondary transfer roller, we control the electrical conductivity to a medium-level resistance (Ω values to the power of 6 to 8). We can also design roller specifications to match the product.

In addition to SUS/SUM-fitted aluminum pipes, we can manufacture aluminum pipes from solid single-component materials such as SUS and SUM, when higher precision is required.

Two Types of Material to Choose from According to Operating Conditions and Applications.

Yamauchi selectively uses two types of material to produce drive rollers according to specific operating conditions and applications.
Electronic Conduction System

We supply drive rollers for applications that require low-resistance electrical conductivity.

Ionic Conduction System

We supply counter rollers for applications that require medium-resistance electrical conductivity.

High-Precision Processing and Assembly for Stable Rotational Performance.

Consistently stable belt rotation requires a high-precision drive roller. Yamauchi has facilities and technologies to process parts with high outside diameter accuracy and minimum runout as well as a production environment that enables high-precision parts assembly, in order to respond to strict customer requirements.
High-Precision Processing and Assembly for Stable Rotational Performance.


Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.

Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.

*We can also use materials with optimal hardness, resistance, etc., to meet specific product requirements.

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