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Excellent durability and operational stability
Calender Roll

MirrorMax ? Quaty-S

Stable roll running under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. Providing a best design Calender roll with longer regrinding interval.

Calender Rolls
  • Dramatically improved the quality of products Calender Rolls

    Our original production method and special resin mixing technology makes excellent quality of smoothness, surface , gloss condition and stability of profile for calendering products. Furthermore by improving the production methods, we have achieved zero pin hole in cover as well as longer regrinding interval that makes stable production. For paper calendering application, our rolls are widely used in several applications not only for conventional Super calender or Soft Nip Calender but also for Multi-nip Calender with high temperature and high pressure operation in the world. For woven or non-woven calendering application, our rolls are also widely used for improving the air permeability, color tone, gloss condition and the profile of products.


Grades and Features
Material Code Hardness (Shore-D) Category Main applications
QS76 76±2 Woven
Low Gloss / Low Color difference grade
QS82 82±2 Low Air permeability grade
QS86 86±2
YCR5100 86±2 Paper Thermal / Pressure sensitive paper
YCR5400 90±2 Paper
General grade
YCR5600 92±2
YCR5600TA 92±2 Paper Anti-Barring grade
YCR5700 94±2 High temperature / High pressure grade( for Multi-Nip calender )
YCR6200 94±2 Paper
Ultra high temperature grade

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