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Maintaining high quality slivers.

Comber Detaching Rollers

Yamauchi provides high-performance comber detaching rollers in production of slivers for high-grade yarns.

Comber Detaching Rollers
  • Superb Function and Durability Backed by a Long Product Delivery Record.

    As yarns are produced at higher speeds and become increasingly diversified in type, it is indispensable to maintain high levels of yarn quality. The rollers must minimize the lapping of slivers to prevent combing machine trouble, and also offer high durability. Yamauchi has responded to these needs for many years by delivering comber detaching rollers to textile companies around the world.


High Abrasion Resistance and Excellent Antistatic Characteristics for Maintaining High-Quality Slivers.

The "2275" material developed for comber detaching offers superb characteristics and maintains stable production of high-quality slivers. These comber detaching rollers are also highly resistant to abrasion, and offer excellent antistatic characteristics to prevent lapping and uneven fleece. Our customers have been using these long-lasting, high-performance comber detaching rollers for many years.
  • The roller has two layers of rubber with different degrees of hardness.
  • The special bottom-layer rubber provides excellent nip.

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